TENA LADY EXTRA (0000) 760506 (12 x 20 st)

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TENA Discreet Extra incontinence bandage with maximum protection is the perfect protection against moderate, unexpected leakage of urine.
The InstaDRY™ zone absorbs moisture instantly and the super-absorbent core locks moisture deep into the dressing, away from the skin.
TENA Discreet Extra features triple protection against leakage, odors and a moist feeling.
It's the ultimate daily choice for women who suffer from moderate leakage.
The soft incontinence bandage is comfortable to wear thanks to the elastic sides that form towards the body.
Feel safe whatever the situation, thanks to its instant absorption and comfortable fit for those unexpected moments of leakage.
Dry, safe and with Odour Control, discreet and safe. Protects as TENA, Direct absorption with InstaDRY™ zone

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