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Prontosan® is a ready-to-use clear liquid to prevent and treat biofilm, fibrin layers and debris. Prontosan® contains two unique ingredients, which together are highly effective against various undesirable layers in a wound. Contains betaine, a surfactant that can break open unwanted layers, allowing the polyhexanide to tackle bacterial growth. Benefits: Shortens wound healing time by an average of 4 weeks, Prevents and treats biofilm by inhibiting bacterial growth, Prevents infections, Promotes painless dressing changes, May be applied with any dressing and fits into any protocol, Shelf life 8 weeks after opening, Reduces pain and wound odor, May be heated to prevent cooling of patient and wound.
Indication: Prontosan® wound bed preparation fluid prevents biofilm and infection and may be applied to various types of wounds such as: Trauma wounds, Post-operative wounds, Diabetic foot wounds, Ulcus cruris, venous and arterial, Burns, Oncological wounds,
Use: Apply soaked gauze in Prontosan® to the wound and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove the gauze after 10 minutes and pat the wound dry with gauze. Repeat for each dressing change. Frequency of dressing changes determines how often you clean the wound with Prontosan® fluid.

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