RED DOT ELECTRODES 3 M 2330 24 mm x 35 mm





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3M™ Red Dot™ Rest EKG electrode 2330 self-adhesive electrode for rest EKG. The resting EKG electrode 3M™ Red Dot™ 2330 provides fast and intimate skin contact to ensure high-quality tracking recording. This tab-style electrode has pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive that is easy to apply and remove. The electrodes can be used on adult patients with fragile or normal skin type. The electrodes should be discarded after use. Electrode properties: Radiolucent: minimizes the need to replace or remove electrodes in most radiology imaging applications, Extra large tabs: for easy handling and fixation, Semi-rigid backside: reduces unwinding and minimizes electrode lift, A card contains 10 self-adhesive resting EKG electrodes. The electrodes are supplied in a box of 10 electrode cards. Electrode Specifications 3M™ Red Dot™ 2330: Resting electrode, Adhesive, Quick and intimate skin contact, High quality tracking, Gel Type: Conductive Adhesive, For Adults, Single Use, Radiolucent, Extra Large Tabs, Semi-rigid Back, Material: Plastic Film,

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