TENA DISCREET ULTRA MINI PLUS (00) 761832 (6 x 24 st)

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Tena Lady Ultra Mini Plus is a very small insert for very light incontinence.
It is used by people who lose a few drops in case of stress incontinence.
For example, ladies who lift a heavy shopping bag and notice that a very small amount of urine escapes.
So it is a product "just to be on the safe side".
It has an absorption of 110 millilitres and is 21 centimetres long, 8 wide and only 3 millimetres thick.
It has an adhesive strip on the back to attach in the underpants.
The product has no elastic bands to make the edges stand up. If you put rubber bands in it, it would warp completely.
This bandage is so thin and discreet.

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