Reduced price! BD INS - 0,5 ml MICROFINE + 29 G x 1/2 0,33 x 12,7 mm

BD INS - 0, 5 ml MICROFINE + 29 G x 1/2 0, 33 x 12, 7 mm

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The BD Micro-Fine insulin syringes are made of the finest surgical stainless steel. They are equipped with a fixed Micro-fine needle of 0.33x12,7mm (29G)
The syringe has a volume of 0.5 ml and a scale of 100 units.
To ensure sterility, the Micro-Fine are sealed with a white and orange protective cap.
Because the Micro-Fine insulin syringes are equipped with a needle with a three-dimensional sharpened tip, they give an almost painless injection.
Inside the syringe there is a rubber piston that slides smoothly through the cylinder. This contributes to the precision of the insulin dose.
Thanks to the clear black print it is easy to read which reduces the chance of errors.
The BD Micro-Fine insulin syringes are available in different needle lengths and different syringe volumes.
Packaging of a total of 300 insulin syringes.
Divided into bags of 10 pieces. 300 pièces.