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Based on the ERKA. Perfect-Aneroid - the standard in blood pressure measurement for decades - the Erkatest was developed as the premium device for home self measurement. The use of the highest quality materials, the modern double tube technology and the shockproof construction suitable for everyday use make the Erkatest a blood pressure monitor in a class of its own. Maximum measuring accuracy combined with highest ease of use guarantee - even at home - doctor-precise measuring results.

1 The device is shock-resistant - this feature is essential, as normal shock-induced measuring errors are usually not obvious.
2 The use of a specially hardened copper-beryllium diaphragm ensures longevity while maintaining the high precision of the measuring instrument.
3 The sensitive screw drain valve enables the user to measure perfectly.
4 The instrument is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.
5 The high-quality stethoscope from the Erkaphon family ensures best acoustics and precise measurements.
6 Additional free XXL warranty of 5 years.

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