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OTOSCOOPKOP BETA 400 - 3, 5 V B - 002.11.400

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The Heine Beta 400® F.O. Otoscope is the highest quality otoscope currently available. This otoscope offers a magnification of no less than 4.2x and gives a 40% larger image than existing models. The multi-coated lenses in the Heine Beta 400® Otoscope provide sharp, spacious images and the black inside prevents reflection. The Heine Beta 400® can be used with ordinary 4 mm and 2.5 mm otoscope tips and is therefore inexpensive to use. Available in a complete set, or as a separate otoscope head. Highest quality otoscope; 5 year warranty; Foldable lens for instrumentation; Easy to clean: hygienic in use; Halogen lighting; Rugged metal housing for maximum durability; Suitable for tympanometry with insufflation balloon and soft tips.

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