HAD MINIDOPPLER WITH 1 PROBE (exchangeable) 8 MHz (vascular)

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Doppler Hadeco Minidop ES-100VX fetal or vascular doppler
The doppler Hadeco Minidop ES-100VX is a non-invasive, easy to use, lightweight, hand-sized combi doppler. Depending on the probe chosen, this doppler can be used for:
- fetal examination: 2MHz probe
- vascular examination: 5 MHz, 8 MHz or 10 MHz probe
The echo probes are equipped with an on/off switch.
The LCD screen shows the waveform.
The echo doppler delivers great, clear sounds of fetal heartbeat or blood flow through the improved built-in speaker. The volume can be easily adjusted.
The doppler is compatible with a separately available headset.
This device switches off automatically after 3 minutes without a signal.
The combi doppler comes with:
- probe of your choice
- ultrasound gel
- carrier bag
- battery
- user manual
Technical specifications of the doppler Hadeco Minidop ES-100VX:
- Combi doppler: fetal or vascular
- Non-invasive
- Easy to use
- Lightweight
- Hand format
- Probe with on/off switch
- With LCD screen
- Built-in speaker
- Loudspeaker output: > 300 mW
- Automatic shutdown
Frequency: 2MHz, 5MHz, 8MHz or 10MHz
Power supply: DC 9V Alkaline battery
Battery life: 3 hours
Dimensions: 78 x 141 x 27 mm
Weight: 270 g

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