SONDAGE SET Nr 2 LR 1AR - 5K - 2H - 1SV

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Lohmann & Rauscher Raucoset Probe set N2 (37834).
Properties: The packaging is a flexible or hard blister, with or without subdivisions according to composition and specific purposes. The excellent peelability of the blister pack facilitates sterile handling and prevents the release of paper fibres. Depending on the applications required, certain compositions may also be studied in paper bag packaging. The strict GMP production standards and the choice of composition products offer an optimal guarantee of quality and hygiene. Combination of compresses, deppers, disposable instruments, plasticized fields, etc. in a single sterile packaging (the blister). Composition: 1 hard blister: 1 alu jar (90 ml), 5 compresses 8 layers in alu jar (5 x 5 cm), 1 field with split (50 x 72.5 cm), 2 gloves latex-free, 1 field (50 x 72.5 cm).

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