MACH 120 - 22.8 V/24 V 40 W

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The Dr. Mach 120 LED Swing is a practical examination light with LED lighting. The lamp is equipped with a swing arm. Gives very bright white light thanks to the powerful 12-part LED lamp. The diameter of the lamp head is 33 cm. Thanks to the internal drag contacts, the swinging possibilities are unlimited. Breaking wires in the arm are therefore virtually a thing of the past. The lamp head is equipped with a light dimmer. Moreover, the lamp consumes much less energy than traditional halogen lamps. Thanks to cooling LED technology, it is much more effective than conventional light sources such as halogen lamps. The heat radiation is also minimized. The light can be precisely positioned.
Specifications: Equipped with 12 white LED lamps, Brightness 40,000 lux, Dimmable 50-100%, Light field size 14-25cm, Unlimited turning possibilities, Long life of 40,000 hours, Color temperature Ra=95, Color temperature 4,300K with electron, Voltage 250V - 50 Hz, Lamp 18Watt.

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