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Polar A300 HR Fitness and Activity Monitor
Made to move Your body and the A300. Designed to move and made for each other. It's about getting it right and getting there faster. It's for looking good and feeling great. Make your move. A small change can make a big difference. Match your mood and style with vibrantly coloured easy-to-change wristbands. The durable silicone wristband of the waterproof A300 is light and comfortable to wear. Every jump skip hop walk and run counts. The A300 shows your steps distance and burned calories and motivates you to reach your activity goal. If you stay still for too long the A300 will vibrate telling you it's time to move again. Train to your own beat with Polar H7 heart rate sensor and make sure your every move is counted for. Finish strong and feel great! Complete each training session by analysing results in Polar Flow web service and app. Getting enough quality sleep is important for your wellbeing. The A300 automatically clocks both the moment you start sleeping and wake up and wakes you up with a gentle vibration. Follow your sleeping patterns in Polar Flow to find the right balance of training daily activity and rest. See your ProgressCheck Polar Flow for more details about your daily activity training and sleep -- it's both addictive and motivating!Follow your active choices on a monthly basis in Diary view including calorie expenditure. See the progress you're making toward a fitter you.

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