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Bayer Microlet Lancets Sterile are suitable for all Microlet Lancers, so both the (renewed) Bayer MICROLET 2 lancing device and the Ascensia MICROLET lancing device. The lancets are sterile and have a very fine tip, which ensures a less painful puncture. The lancets are used for blood monitoring. These Microlet lancets have a silicone protection to minimize skin damage.
Indication: Microlet® Lancets - are used to get blood for capillary glycemia. Use of Microlet lancet colored P6571. Twist 1/4 without removing the protective cap. Insert the lancet into the pen until it stops completely. Remove the protective cap from the lancet.
Warning: Do not use the lancet if the protective cap has been removed before. Do not share the lancet if you have already used it.

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