JELONET (50 st) 5 X 5 CM

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Jelonet is made of specially woven, wide-mesh gauze impregnated with white paraffin. The threads are woven into each other so that it does not fray. Comfortable for the patient. Jelonet has a soothing effect, does not stick to the wound and ensures that the wound fluid is freely absorbed by an absorbent pad. Jelonet is a neutral gauze pad and therefore ideal when using any external antiseptics or antibiotics. Non-allergenic, Non-sticky, Neutral, can be combined with a local agent, Smaller mesh bandages.
Indication: Burns, Donor and receptor sites and as a transport medium for skin grafts, Open wounds, cuts and abrasions, Boneulcera, Decubitus, Covering of ointments on the wound or skin, Granulating and epithelializing wounds : Pressure sores & leg ulcers, Donor sites, Postoperative wounds, Burns, Dermabrasion

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