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Roche's Combur 9 test is the most widely used strip for rapid analysis of urine for pathological abnormalities. Through a color change on the strip even the most minor pathological abnormalities or changes become visible. The Combur urine strips from Roche are known for their high reliability.

What can you test with the Combur 9 test strips?
1. Protein, 2. Glucose, 3. Ketones, 4. Nitrite, 5. Leukocytes, 6. pH, 7. Blood, 8. Bilirubin, 9. Urobilinogen.

What are the advantages of the Combur 9 urine test strips?
The Combur 9 strips can be assessed visually quickly and easily thanks to the clear and bright colour scale. They can be stored at room temperature (approximately one year). The result can already be read after 1 to 2 minutes. The Combur 9 urine strips are provided with a protection (no runover effect) and are not sensitive to high concentrations of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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