SOFT CAST 12, 5 cm x 3, 6 m

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This unique semi-rigid plaster bandage is ideal for removable plaster casts and combined plaster techniques.
Soft Cast bandages enable treatment of patients with a large number of musculoskeletal disorders and can be used in specialist environments such as physiotherapy, podiatry and paediatrics.
Doctors can select the required level of stability at the injury site while allowing the rest of the body part to function as normally as possible.
If clinically permissible, patients may bathe, shower and swim while wearing Soft Cast if used with 3M Polyester Stockinette.
The low profile casting bandage allows patients to wear sneakers over plaster casts of the lower limbs.
Prevents tension when removing the bandage with a plaster saw, as applications can be removed by unwinding or with scissors.
Soft Cast is available in six colours and offers patients choice and personalisation. The 3M™ Scotchcast™ Soft Cast is a fibreglass bandage designed with patient mobility in mind that remains flexible and soft even when fully cured.
This semi-hardened casting bandage is ideal for removable casts and combined casting techniques.

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