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De Witte Lietaer's Felicia bathrobes feel particularly soft.
Unlike other polyester bathrobes, the Felicia bathrobe has no loose fibres or pilling.
Partly due to the weaving technique, the polyester yarn remains on the outside or top and the cotton on the inside, so that the absorbent function on the skin remains optimal.
The unique composition of the bathrobe does justice to the best properties of both yarns: the softness of the polyester and the comfort of the cotton.
The Felicia bathrobe has a feminine, narrower and shorter cut.
Partly due to the light weight and the cotton-polyester combination, the fit of the bathrobes is supple and less hard.
This makes De Witte Lietaer bathrobes more fashionable and sophisticated.
The products have good color fastness.
The colour of the inside and outside fits well together.

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