TUBULAR BANDAGE TG 2 - 2, 5 cm x 20 m

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Tubular knotted net bandage, consisting of thin polyamid-coated rubber thread and wrinkled polyamide yarns.
The tubular net bandage stretches in two directions; it can be stretched up to 15 times its original width.
It adapts smoothly and without folds to any body shape.
The light, coarse mesh tg-fix net bandage does not pinch; one hardly feels that one is wearing it.
The material is resistant to contact with blood, wound fluid and ointments.
Dispenser holder available.

Tg-fix dressing is intended for easy, good fixation of all kinds of wound dressings and ointment compresses.
The yarns contain no optical brighteners, which is important for patients with chronic skin conditions.
The net bandage can be cut to fit any body shape; the bandage does not tear further in the cut area.
The elastic tubular bandage only needs to be lifted or rolled up when changing the bandage.

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