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This disposable nasal speculum according to Hartmann is the ideal instrument for nasal research. By pressing the handle, the speculum will open up and push the nasal walls aside, allowing the doctor a good view of the patient's nasal cavity. The nasal speculum has a length of 16 cm. The mouth is about 27mm long. This instrument is made of matted stainless steel and marked with a stainless-ce and the disposable logo. Provided with a blue marking because of the disposable version. Why buy disposable nasal specula? In view of the increasing demands placed on a sterilization process, the NHG (Dutch Society of General Practitioners) recommends the use of disposable instruments. More and more doctors are choosing to use disposable instruments. What are the advantages of disposable instruments? No risk of cross-contamination, No need for a sterilizer, No sterilization costs, No material costs for sterilization, Less logistical costs, Always clean and reliable, High quality stainless steel and sharp instruments, Less handling required, because the instruments are sterile and immediately usable.

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