LEUKOSTRIP 4, 0 mm x 38 mm

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Leukostrip wound dressings are made of 100% polyamide with a hypo-allergenic adhesive layer that allows an almost painless wound closure.
The material is elastic and stretches if swelling occurs. Leukostrip returns to its original shape after the swelling has subsided.
By replacing sutures on the third postoperative day with a wound suture using Leukostrip, the scarring at the site of the insertion opening is minimized so that an unsightly "zipper effect" can be avoided as much as possible.
Leukostrip can also be combined with subcutaneous or intracutaneous sutures or used in addition to staples.
The polyamide material is elastic and returns to its original shape after absorbing oedema.
As a result, the wound edges are well pressed together, which gives a nice cosmetic result.
Helps protect the wound against tensile and shear forces
Leukostrip does not traumatize the wound edges, ensures an almost painless wound healing. wound closure and minimizes scarring.
Leukostrip is permeable to air and water vapour and therefore reduces the risk of maceration.
The microporous adhesive layer is hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
Reliable adhesion
The strips adhere well and safely.
Indications: Primary and secondary wound closure,
Fixation of skin grafts,
Replacement of sutures (as a follow-up treatment of subcutaneous sutures),
To support and relieve subcutaneous and intracutaneous sutures and staples.

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