VARICEX F 10, 0 cm x 5, 00 m

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Varicex is a bandage impregnated with zinc glue. It is ready to use and time-saving in the application of semi-rigid permanent bandages in thrombophlebitis, oedema treatment, chronic venous insufficiency, ulcer cruris in the healing phase, as well as in the aftercare of fractures. Varicex zinc adhesive bandages are not thick - whether they are wrapped circularly with an elastic bandage (Varicex E or S) or in half-eight loops - and they are available in different versions. Bandage coated with zinc glue, ready to use and time-saving, barely visible under clothing, selvedge, white, Indication: for application of half-star permanent bandages for oedema treatment, chronic venous insufficiency, ulcer cruris, thrombophlebitis for aftercare of fractures.

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