Reduced price! ALCOGEL 85 DAX - with pump 600 ml

ALCOGEL 85 DAX - with pump 600 ml

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The hand sanitizer DAX Alcogel 85 is mainly used for killing pathogenic microorganisms.
It is also used for disinfecting the hands for hygienic work and after dirty work, as well as after contact with mucous membranes, blood etc.
DAX Alcogel 85 is effective against bacteria, fungi and various types of viruses (e.g. swine flu, gastrointestinal infection, norovirus, rotavirus).
The addition of glycerine as a moisturising agent ensures that the skin retains its natural moisture balance and prevents it from drying out.
Works quickly and does not stick after evaporation.

DAX Alcogel 85 is a semi-gel, composed of three different alcohols, with ethanol as the main ingredient.
The alcohol strength is 85% by volume.
Warning: Do not allow the product to come into contact with textiles as it may leave white stains on coloured clothes.

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