CICAPLAIE - steriel wondverband 7 x 5 cm

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Cicaplaie* Sterile is a low allergy, sterile adhesive wound dressing.

- Highly absorbent pad,
- Low allergy adhesive,
- Soft and conformable,
- Easy to use.

Patient comfort:
The soft dressing ensures conformability to all wound sites, even notoriously difficult sites such as the axillae.
The highly absorbent, soft pad helps to protect the wound from further trauma. Highly absorbent pad: The wound contact layer enables the free passage of blood and exudate into the highly absorbent pad, helping to maintain a good wound healing environment.

Ease of use: The risk of touching the absorbent pad or adhesive area with forceps or fingers is eliminated by the aseptic dressing technique enabled by the protector paper being slit across the width of the dressing.

Indications: Cicaplaie Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressings are designed for post-operative use, for cuts, lacerations and sutured wounds.

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