STRAPPAL 2, 5 cm x 10 m

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Strappal tape 18 pieces from BSN Medical is a self-adhesive sports tape made from the best quality materials. The width of this tape is 5 cm and the length no less than 10 meters. For sports care in various sports and for physiotherapy strappal tape is very suitable. This cotton tape is non-elastic in contrast to the elastic kinesiology tape. Strappal tape is a sports tape made from zinc oxide and synthetic rubber. This type of sports tape has a strong adhesive layer so that it stays on the skin. This strappal tape can be applied to prevent and treat your injuries. This sports tape can be used for short periods up to a maximum of several days. Because of the hypoallergenic adhesive layer, the strappal tape stays well on the skin. When you are in the shower you can also use the strappal tape because of its water-repellent properties. Even under heavy loads, the strappal tape will stay in place.

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