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Tape functions: The Kinesioligie-Tape is made of high quality cotton and is stretchable up to 140%. The medical acrylic adhesive used is dermatologically very well tolerated. When applied correctly, it ensures a long adhesion to the skin surface due to its thermoelastic properties and sinusoidal coating. Only the best raw materials are used to produce Tape. Allergic reactions are virtually unknown. The tape is latex-free. Areas of application and effect: Uneven strain on the muscles of the musculoskeletal system can lead to tension, pulled muscles, hardening and inflammatory irritations with water retention and thus to pain. According to taping therapists, the tape acts on the receptors of the skin, muscles and joints. For example, the constant micro-massage that emanates from the tape is intended to stimulate the muscle areas, the joints and the lymphatic and nervous systems. According to the findings of the taping therapy, special application techniques can be used to achieve clearly noticeable and rapid pain reduction of overstrained joints or muscle problems. The body's own pain-relieving system must be activated and lymphatic drainage must be improved, the joints must move better and hematomas must be resolved more quickly. The main effect of the taping should be felt immediately, at the latest after 3-5 days. Taping systems are now used for many clinical treatments - often in addition to or support of classical treatments.

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