MEPILEX BORDER 7.5 x 7.5 cm

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You can use Mepilex® Border to treat a variety of exudating chronic and acute wounds and secondary healing wounds.
Our reliable soft, supple dressing absorbs and retains exudate, maintaining a moist wound environment.
You can choose from a range of sizes of this wound dressing - suitable for small to large wounds.
We also have pre-formed bandages for wounds in places that are difficult to dress.
Mepilex® Border can also be used as part of a prophylactic treatment to prevent pressure ulcers.
Mepilex® Border has been shown to influence the four external factors that can cause pressure ulcers:
- by minimising and spreading the shear force,
- spreading the compressive force,
- reducing the friction force
- maintaining an optimal microclimate. After assessing the skin, you can simply replace Mepilex® Border.

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